Samuel Tan – Pianist, Keyboardist, Educator

Samuel Tan is a very passionate and versatile keyboardist that has achieved Grade 8 in both the ABRSM piano syllabus as well as the Trinity Rock & Pop Keyboard syllabus and is currently furthering his studies in music at Lasalle College of the Arts. Amongst the many experience he had accumulated despite his age, he has perform both solo and in a band in events such as a pop piano showcase during the Yamaha Festive Sale 2012 at Yamaha Tampines as well as “Soundwaves Experiment” held at Artistry. Samuel is a very friendly and approachable teacher that is always eager to share more of his knowledge with his students.

Chua Chun Leng – Drummer, Percussionist, Educator

Chun Leng is a drum instructor with 8 years of experience in the field of teaching. He has taught in many music schools in Singapore and has been part of many gigs and performances. He has also taught students from over 20 Primary andSecondary schools percussion ensemble and had led teams to win in interschool and National competitions.

Chun Leng’s cheerful and fun personality makes him a great teacher, enabling
him to engage his students well during lessons. He is also patient, serious and highly adaptable to student’s pace of learning. His passion for drumming is a great motivation for his students.

Wun Chun Kit – Electric Guitarist, Acoustic Guitarist, Ukulele, Educator

Chun Kit has been playing in bands since 2009 and most recently a guitarist for local band, Sphaeras. He has played for shows such as Baybeats 2014, and supported foreign acts (Elephant Gym, NAO, Tricot) both locally and overseas.

With a diverse background, having worked in professional audio, lutherie, and as a guitar/ bass technician for various foreign bands gives Chun Kit a pragmatic and holistic approach to his teaching.
Chun Kit is specialized in rock, pop and playing in a band setting.

Tan Li Hao – Saxophonist, Pianist, Educator

Li Hao is an aspiring saxophonist with a passion for Jazz and music education. At age 4, he started playing the piano and attained a grade 8 (ABRSM) in 2011. He studied in Singapore Polytechnic (Diploma in Music and Audio technology) and graduated in 2012. During his first year in Singapore Polytechnic, he joined the Singapore Polytechnic Jazz band and picked up the saxophone. Feeling more comfortable with the saxophone, it soon became his primary instrument. In 2015, after his national service, he attained a grade 8 (TCL) in saxophone.

Apart from that, he was part of the Mosaic Jazz Fellows, a Jazz mentorship program funded by the Esplanade. He performed in venues such as The Esplanade,Gallery Hotel and other private events. Today, Li Hao enjoys practicing hard to achieve his musical goals and he hopes to share his musical knowledge with prospective students.

Sandy Koo – Pianist, Composer, Arranger, Producer, Educator

A great music composer and performer who expresses herself best on the piano.Sandy graduated from LASALLE College of The Arts, where she was trained in music composition in both pop, contemporary and classical genres under the tutelage of Belinda Foo and Chong Kee Yong. She also holds an ATCL in Piano Performance from Trinity College London.

Sandy enjoys Film Composing and welcomes opportunity for Music Composition for film, TV, commercials and games. Adept in the applications of technology in music creation, Sandy is trained in sequencing, studio production techniques at Singapore Polytechnic in Music & Audio Technology (DMAT). She plays a variety of genres of music and performs regularly at live events. What’s more? Her passion in passing on the knowledge is unrivaled.

For more information on her rates on composition and production? Contact us at info@kinggeorgesmusic.com now!