Drum Lessons

The drummer is the beating pulse that every other musician relies on. If you have a natural sense of rhythm, we can teach you proper drumming techniques to elevate your talents: in no time, you will be able to sight-read scores and play advanced rhythms to your heart’s content.

KGMA Drum lessons are beginner friendly available for all ages. Complete beginners are welcome! Our drum lessons will show you how to play the drums with more confidence and determination. Students with prior experience playing the drums may be placed in an advanced class after assessment. One-to-one lessons and group classes are both available. Allow KGMA drum instructors guide you through your musical journey.



Lesson details
Form of lesson Group/Individual
Number of lessons 11 lessons per term
Lesson duration 30 mins/45 mins/60 mins
Course fee and schedule Go to course schedule page for more information