Classical Piano, Pop Piano and Keyboard

What better instrument to discover the world of music through than the piano or keyboard? It’s one of the simplest instruments to develop your music theory skills on and you can learn to perform your favorite songs much faster than on many other instruments. It’s a timeless and rewarding instrument to dedicate your time to.

Join our piano lessons to master the basics of the piano or to advance in one’s piano playing skills. Under the guidance of a professional teacher, we assure you that this course will cover essential techniques for beginners. During the lessons, you’ll be able to play duets with the teacher which will create better learning experience. In addition, KGMA makes music a fulfilling and joyful learning process by having structured lessons and enjoyable course content.

Lesson details
Form of lesson Group/Individual
Number of lessons 11 lessons per term
Lesson duration 30 mins/45 mins/60 mins
Course fee and schedule Go to course schedule page for more information