Drum Lessons for Teenagers

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learn at your pace

Drumming as a hobby? Casual learner or training to be part of a band someday? We've got you covered. Here we'll strengthen your foundation in drumming and tailor the lessons according to your best learning methods and adapt to your pace of learning. From here on you can progress to play your favorite songs and towards more advanced drumming.

music exams

We have a history of music students who aced their music exams. Examination is something that is feared by many students. Many students do not know that learning exam songs can be easy and fun at the same time! We tap on students’ strength in drumming to learn the songs required for examination. Learning exam songs could never be easier!

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the performer

Want to take your drumming to the next level and become a performer? Awesome! Let our experienced teachers guide you through step-by-step to be come a professional performer. We are experienced in teach students to take part in both performance and competition. Whether is it playing a song or a solo, we got you covered!