Drum Lessons for Children


beneficial for early childhood development

Drumming taps on the child's sense of sight, hearing and touch; hence nurturing them to be great learners from a young age! Throughout the course of the lessons, the child will develop a strong sense of self confidence, creativity and imagination.

Non-linear Progression

We have prepared students for SYF Performances, DSA Admission, Church Musicians, School's Band auditions, Music College/University Admission, Competitions and many more! Whether your child is learning for leisure or to take their music journey to the next level, we will walk them through it.



kids-friendly Facility

KGMA is kids’ friendly. For our younger students, usually age 4 to 7, we have a drumset that is perfect for them - a complete set-up of a down size real drums. As soon as they are ready, they will be introduced to the normal sized drum kit.