Drum Lessons for Adults


Flexible Lesson Plan

Lessons with adults is not quite like lessons with children and teenagers because most adults come to us with a goal in mind. Lessons will be objective-driven. We will work on necessary fundamentals and move on to the important topics that could help you get to where you want.

Focused Theory Programme

While it is good to learn how to read a piano or saxophone score, not every aspect of theory applies to drums. As drummers, we do not play melody and harmony. We will help you to filter out the unnecessary theory that you do not need to learn and teach only what is applicable to our instrument. This gives us more time to focus on the practical aspects of drumming.



Building Blocks

Whether you are a leisure learner, casual learner or a serious learner, we got you covered! We emphasize on learning the language of drums to allow you to form your own sentences and develop your own vocabulary. Teaching improvisation has been one of the hardest topic to tackle. We have manage to break down complicated concepts into simple steps that you could follow to create your own fills and solo!


Music is a lifelong learning language. Some of us starts young and some of us starts at an older age. What matters is that we're all in it together! If you have the passion and desire to learn an instrument, we look forward to teaching you! Playing music is a good way to take your mind off work for awhile and relax your mind while you're at it. We believe that every student is a unique individual hence we customize lessons to best suit the learning style of our students.