Most children, if not all, love music. Give your child the gift of music that will last them a lifetime.

I want my child to be able to concentrate better.

We all know that time is a valuable asset that should not be wasted. Unfortunately, our children might not know that. Playing music helps a child to extend their attention span without themselves realizing.

Classical Piano/Pop Piano/Keyboard

What better instrument to discover the world of music through than the piano or keyboard? It's one of the simplest instruments to develop your music theory skills on and you can learn to perform your favorite songs much faster than on many other instruments. It's a timeless and rewarding instrument to dedicate your time to.



The drummer is the beating pulse that every other musician relies on. If you have a natural sense of rhythm, we can teach you proper drumming techniques to elevate your talents: in no time, you will be able to sight-read scores and play advanced rhythms to your heart's content.

I do not want to limit my child’s creativity.

The beauty of music lies in the fact that every piece is different and unique in its own way. Even exact covers of songs sound different from the original when played by different people. Music is one great way to improve creativity, helping people to express interpretations from their perspective. Through the journey of music, they will gain the ability to follow, improvise and create their own pieces of music.

Electric Bass

If you love to get your groove on, learning bass is for you. No band is complete without a bassist who is versatile and passionate about bringing that extra dimension that completes a song. Our instructors know their stuff when it comes to playing root notes, walking bass lines, slapping and popping. The only question is, can you handle the funk?


Acoustic Guitar/Electric Guitar

Want to know what it feels like to hold a sweet serenade at the end of your fingertips? From personal acoustic melodies to rocking out an entire stadium, mastering the guitar is one of the most sought after skills in the world. We'll get you there, one fret at a time.

I want my children to be able to express themselves.

Being able to express ourselves through an outlet keeps our mind healthy. Not every child is born an extrovert. Some of them find difficulty in expressing their emotions well. Music gives them an alternative way to express themselves.


The violin holds a wide range of musical possibilities which, when mastered, can be truly mind blowing. If you are drawn to the scope of these strings, your efforts will be greatly rewarded, whether you decide to pursue classical training, jazz, folk, rock or pop.



The uke is a much loved instrument which can be easy to get started on but is unlimited in possibility when it comes to mastering your skill level. It's amazing what you can do with only four strings! Quickly learn your favorite tunes, then take this small but powerful instrument with you beyond the limits of your imagination.

I want my child to have a goal.

Most children are only able to discipline themselves for short-term rewards as they are not able to see that far. The process of learning a new piece of music gives them an overview of what they will be able to accomplish, one step at a time.


Do you fantasize about captivating an audience with a moving song? Learn all the vocal techniques you'll need to discover the true potential of your singing voice. Combine that with learning how to bring the appropriate emotion to your performance and you'll be well on your way to making that dream come true.



If you're ready to get loud and proud with your musical expression, the sax is for you. With a rich history of different styles, the saxophone is an instrument you'll have a lot of fun with in class. Whether you're learning jazz, classical or pop, we'll teach you to blow us away.